About Studio Indiana

In 1992, John and Lynn Bower founded a specialty publishing company to produce high-quality informational books and videos. In 2003, with 60,000 of their publications in print, they changed both their business focus, and their company's name. Today, as Studio Indiana, their mission is to create exceptional photography books featuring Indiana's fascinating, yet rapidly disappearing, cultural heritage.

Studio Indiana books deal with various aspects of the Hoosier historical landscape. By publishing outstanding, yet affordable, books, Studio Indiana has quickly gained a reputation for superior quality and reliable service.

John, who has degrees from Purdue and Ball State in Industrial Education, is the photographer of the pair. Lynn is the artist, with a BS in Art Education from Western Michigan University (magna cum laude). It takes their combined talents and efforts to create each book. On exploration trips, John keeps his eyes on the road while Lynn scans the countryside for good subjects. As John sets up his camera and shoots, Lynn might use a reflector to help with the lighting, or scout for additional shots. She also keeps notes about each location on an Apple laptop computer. After returning from a photo-trip, John develops the film and does his own printing in his darkroom. Together they choose the best images. When they have compiled all the images for a project, Lynn makes the final selection of what to include. She then designs and lays out the book.

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